Wednesday 12 December 2012

Ten Reasons Why Santa Makes a Great Sales Professional

Here are ten reasons why here at Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment we feel that Santa makes the ultimate sales professional

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment Xmas Logo1. Planning and Preparation - Some might say 12 months planning and preparation is a little excessive however to my knowledge Santa has never failed to deliver and boasts a very impressive client portfolio.
2. Effective Territory Management - Great sales people would agree that effective territory management is essential.  Managing a global territory requires methodical organisational skills and Santa always ensures an annual service call to each of his billions of clients each year.

3. Exceptional Customer Service - According to a recent survey Santa achieved 100% customer feedback by delivering on time,  well packaged and meeting customer requirements
4. Delivers to Customer Needs - Feedback from the North Pole Logistics Centre report that there have been no returns since S. Claus Plc.  began operations back in 1820.

5. Excellent Communication Skills (Especially written) - I’m sure we’d all agree that communication is the essential skill of any effective sales professional.  Although most sales people would boast excellent verbal communication skills many would agree that paperwork is not their strong point!!  This however cannot be said for Santa, in a recent interview Santa admitted to receiving many millions of customer letters and is confident he personally replied to them all.
6. People/Elf Management skills - Not all sales people require people/elf management skills, however when you’re up against strict deadlines and orders that need to be delivered effectively then people/elf management skills can prove to be vital.
7. Prepared to Go the Extra Mile - At 11.57PM on 24th December 2011 and still with several customer orders requiring delivery, weather conditions are NOT good.  However, without fail, once again Santa pulls it out of the bag to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

8. Looks Good in a Suit - First impressions last and I’m sure that most of Santa clients would agree that he has left a lasting impression
9. Drives a Low Emission Vehicle - Many sales people would agree that a comfortable, clean and reliable company vehicle is an essential requirement, especially when covering a large territory.  Thankfully more and more sales people would also consider low emissions to be essential when choosing their vehicle.  Santa is proud to confirm that he was the first sales person to insist on such a vehicle some 192 years ago and his vehicle emissions ensure that his brussel sprouts are grown to perfection.

10. Excellent Questioning and Listening Skills - Santa believes that two ears, one mouth and a beard is the best advice he would give to any sales person looking for top tips for sales growth in 2013!
This is a busy time for Santa and he’s officially ‘out of the office’ until 26th December.  However he’s tasked us with looking after sales people over the festive period so if you’re looking for help securing a new sales role please visit  Whilst it’s unlikely we’ll find you someone quite as strong an ‘all rounder’ as Santa  if you’re looking for sales staff that meet some of his  attributes please contact Aaron Wallis on 01908 764280.

Darren Dewrance is one of the founding directors  at Aaron Wallis and is renowned by those that have worked with him for being a bit too obsessed with Christmas from about mid-September onwards.
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