Friday, 2 May 2014

7 Reasons You Might Not Be Hiring the Best Sales Talent

Well, this year has seen a big change in employment and as the economy continues to pick up, it is becoming more of a ‘candidate driven market’ once again.  I know it’s harsh to be so blunt but NOW is the time that most employers need to take their ‘head out of the sand’ and change how they’re operating, or they could miss out on the very best sales talent.
Here are seven reasons you might be missing out:

Not Offering Realistic Salary for the Job – we have come across it a few times this year; a company wants to advertise a role at a certain salary and then when it comes to offer stage they offer the candidate considerably less. You can’t expect the top talent to accept when they likely have other offers on the table.

Unrealistic Requirements – A lot of companies draw up a list of the one hundred requirements that they want in their ideal candidate; and that’s great to identify a target. However, don’t go out looking for ‘the needle in a haystack’ that ticks all one hundred boxes, or else you’ll have a very long wait and a very vacant position!  Don’t rule out meeting candidates for not meeting the entire brief as they just may be the  best person available for your business.

Lack of Budget – In order to hire the best candidates, you need to make sure that you have a strong budget. Top candidates realise their worth, know their market value and won’t come cheap.

Act Fast When You Find the Right Person - Hiring managers have a tendency to wait until they have seen several candidates before making a decision; even when they feel they’ve met the perfect candidate. When you find the top talent, move quickly before your competitor snaps them up.

Set Expectations from the Start – Don’t let things drag on too long; candidates who aren’t engaged to a defined timescale of your process will get fed up and move on.  Have a recruitment plan to work towards and clearly outline to the candidate what to expect from the next stages of your process so that they are already prepared.

Selling Your Company – Great candidates will have a plethora of opportunities and, like you, will have drawn up a list of THEIR requirements from their next employer.  You need to sell the company environment, where they will fit into the business and how your culture will benefit the candidate.  At interview, you must ‘sell’ the products and services you offer, the difference you make and how they will be helping YOUR customers when they join you.  Question what they’re looking for and ensure that your company, your culture and your role hits their ‘hot buttons’.  

Poorly Written Advert/Job Description - If your advert or job description lacks something, is inaccurate or doesn’t stand out - then it simply won’t attract high calibre candidates.

To conclude: The ‘war for talent’ is back to pre-recession days. Employers no longer ‘hold all of the cards', and if you dither, delay, or deliberate too long, then don’t be surprised when you see your ideal candidate representing a competitor to your customers.

Written by Liam Oakes
Liam is the Office Manager at Aaron Wallis and has been with the company for 3 years after having a career with the RAF; Liam has helped hundreds of Sales Professionals secure a new Sales role and ensures that Aaron Wallis runs smoothly.

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