Sunday 23 November 2014

Aaron Wallis – 4 Locations, 1 Specialist Sales Recruitment Agency

If you are an employer or recruiter seeking sales professionals at various levels you will probably know by now that recruiting sales staff is different from many other forms of recruitment.

However, not everyone is aware that by engaging the services of a specialist sales recruitment agency you can avoid many of the pitfalls and be sure of finding the right people every time.

Good sales people are often reluctant to leave a post, unless there is a really good reason for them to do so. Nonetheless, many sales professionals do keep their ear to the ground in case a suitable opportunity becomes available and with the advent of social networking platforms like LinkedIn it is becoming increasingly easy for them to become aware of an opportunity when one occurs.

So what are today’s top performers looking for - Is it just a question of money and financial rewards?

Surprisingly, the answer is very often, “no”.

Although it is true that many sales professionals who register with a sales recruitment agency like Aaron Wallis do so because they feel they are undervalued and under paid in their current roles, In many cases they are also looking for other elements of a job that will help them to progress their career.

Just some of the things that the sales professional may be considering include:

  • A product or service that they can really believe in and sell with confidence
  • A real career development path leading perhaps to a sales manager’s role in the future
  • Regular training and personal development activity
  • Flexible working arrangements to help achieve the highly desirable life-work balance

Make It Easy On Yourself - Use A Specialist Sales Recruitment Agency

So, if you are actively seeking to find ambitious salespeople who want to find a job where they can earn and learn, it would be very much in your interest to discuss your requirements with a specialist sales recruitment agency like Aaron Wallis.

We operate from 4 UK regional offices located in Leeds, London, Milton Keynes and Bristol but offer national coverage online from our sales recruitment agency website,

The difference between a sales recruitment agency like Aaron Wallis and other recruitment agencies is that we use our many years of experience in recruiting sales staff in order to identify those candidates who demonstrate the right qualities – not just a desire to earn more money!

Sales Recruitment - It's More Than Just The Money!

Of course, we appreciate that the financial remuneration package that comes with a sales position is important – we all have bills to pay when all is said and done. To rely solely on tempting new sales staff to join you based purely on financial criteria however is a strategy that will often end in a high staff turnover and a constant battle to keep your sales team up to speed.

Aaron Wallis will only send candidates to you for interview that have been identified as having all the right qualities that you need from them. Yes, they will expect to be paid well but, in return, they will know that you require much more than just impressive sales figures.

If you want to recruit sales people who will commit to your organisation and stay and grow with you in the long term, contact the UK’s leading specialist sales recruitment agency today and let us find you some very impressive people.

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