Friday 4 August 2017

5 Incredible Answers to Common interview Questions

Interviewers are used to the same generic answers; a creative answer to a common question sets you apart from the masses. To help you get your creative thoughts flowing, we've got together some inspiring examples of incredible answers to common interview questions;

1 ) What is your biggest weakness?

"Being impatient is what I consider to be my main weakness. I begin by delegating to employees, but should they fail to meet my expectations I tend to take the task on myself. This becomes inefficient, but I've addressed this recently by giving detailed training for tasks so that they perform to my standards'.

This answer shows that the candidate has prepared and whilst being honest it turns a negative into a positive by showcasing how they've overcome an obstacle. The 'weakness question' is a typically frustrating question - so we've given you a guide on how to address it here.

2) Can you start by describing yourself?

"Firstly, I'd describe myself as being flexible, for example I would say I am able to effectively and efficiently complete tasks, as well as being able to fulfil the needs of customers. Here's a good example..."

This answer avoids waffle, lists off positives and then uses an example to add credibility to your description. It's a direct way of positioning yourself in a strong light, without simply listing details from your CV (which they will have read!). We've also got some handy tips on how to write a CV - an interview only gets given on the basis of an impressive CV!

3) Explain what motivates you?

"Results - whether that is closing a deal and making big profits, or simply providing a quality service to customers to obtain repeat business".

Although it might look like a typical answer, it shows the interviewer that you are motivated to meet goals, and deliver results which benefit the business. This positions yourself as someone who naturally is driven and achieves results. For some motivational tips check Olympic Athlete Kriss Akabusi's article he wrote for us on motivation!

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

"Still at the company, hopefully having progressed from my role - but my main aim is to learn more and advance my skills. I view my career as a marathon not a sprint, I am in this for the long run".

It might seem like this person is sucking up to the interviewer, but it shows that they're patient, and committed - not just using the company as a stepping stone. 

5 ) Why are you looking to leave your current position?

"I'm looking to better myself, through working at a company that will allow me to gain valuable skills and experience - a company with credibility such as yours".

The final answer shows that the candidate is being realistic, they aren't looking to become CEO within 5 years - but that they recognize (or can flatter) the company's expertise and position within its industry. It's subtle flattery that works.

Good interview answers can be boiled down to a few key things: creativity, examples, and discussing the business you're interviewing for. Real-world examples evidence your statement, using the business as a talking points shows you care, and a creative flair depicts you as innovative, and intuitive - someone who can solve problems, and not be completely boring.

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