Friday 18 January 2013

How to Conduct a Brilliant Interview in 60 Minutes or Less

There’s a formula for conducting a great interviews and it’s called planning!  Here’s a quick video which explains how you can make a great impression yet still be able to conduct first interviews in less than an hour
  • 15 Minutes: Small talk and ‘chemistry’, Set the agenda, The company, role and opportunity (see How Not to Lose the Best Candidates)
  • 30 minutes: Competency Interview
  • 5 Minutes: Q&A
  • 5 Minutes: Where we go from here. Close.
  • 5 Minutes: Notes and prepare for the next candidate
I personally sit facing a clock to make sure that I keep on track.  However, I do know of interviewers that have a desk clock in the middle of an interview desk and another, the SD of a major courier firm, who sets an alarm for 45 minutes and then on the beep states there’s ten minutes remaining!

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