Friday 29 April 2022

How to Onboard Remote Working Sales Staff

Getting new sales staff up to speed

In the digital, and in particular the post-pandemic age, remote onboarding has become of significant importance to teams worldwide. While human interaction and face-to-face meetings used to be integral when showing someone the ropes, onboarding can now be completed effectively remotely.

However, there are challenges in getting new sales staff 'up to speed' so we have put together a short 'one-pager' to help you provide new sales staff with the very best first impression possible.

The article covers:
  1. The cost of getting induction wrong
  2. The importance of getting the onboarding process right
  3. Three unique challenges associated with remote onboarding
  4. Recognising the signs of staff feeling isolated
  5. How to build a good 'team ethic' on a remote basis
  6. Common challenges and how to overcome them
The article can be read here: Remote onboarding new sales staff

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