Thursday 22 September 2022

How to Effectively Plan and Execute a Competency-Based Interview

Competency interviewing is a highly potent tool to add to any recruitment process. 

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 The main three reasons are:
  1. It helps to take the 'halo and horns effect', or unconscious bias, out of a recruitment process;

  2. It helps make better and considered recruitment decisions based upon logic rather than ‘gut feel’;

  3. And most importantly, it takes the emotion out of the recruitment decision-making process.
We’ve been eulogising about the benefits of competency interviewing for years and introduced hundreds of hiring managers to this reasonably simple interview technique.

Guide to Competency Based Interviews

So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to competency interviewing, which includes:
The guide finishes with ‘Golden Rules’ when designing and implementing a competency interview process into your business.

It is free to view and download (not even an email signup is required). We hope that you find it useful and that competency interviewing helps improve your future hiring decisions.

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