Wednesday 14 December 2022

Complete Guide to Topgrading Interviewing

Topgrading is a comprehensive interviewing method designed to help employers find and hire the best employees for the job, particularly at senior levels. It is a structured process which uses a series of probing questions to reveal a candidate's true potential, performance history and career objectives.

The Topgrading interview begins with an initial phone interview used to assess the candidate's qualifications, experience and interests. The second stage is a face-to-face interview used to explore the candidate's background further and delve into their motivations, goals and objectives. During the face-to-face interview, the interviewer will use the Topgrading methodology to further assess the candidate's answers, analyse their behaviour, and assess their performance.

The Topgrading interview process is comprehensive, robust and detailed. It is a great way to ensure that the best possible candidates are selected for the job. It not only helps employers find the best candidate, but also helps them to make sure that the candidate is a good fit for the organisation and its culture.

Overall, the Topgrading interview technique is an excellent way for employers to select the best candidates for the job. It is an effective tool that can help employers make informed decisions when hiring the best person for the job.

Aaron Wallis has published a comprehensive guide to Topggrading Interviews, and our guide includes:

Introduction to the Topgrading Interview Process

  • Overview of the Top-Grading Interview Methodology
  • What is the Topgrading Interview Methodology?
  • When should an employer use Topgrading as an interview technique?
  • How does Topgrading compare to a Competency-Based Interview or a Values-Based Interview?

How to Devise a Topgrading Interview Process

  • How many Hiring Managers should be involved in the Topgrading process?
  • What should you avoid in a Topgrading Interview Process?
  • How do you score a Topgrading Interview?
  • How do I Avoid Unconscious Bias in the Topgrading Interview process?
  • How do I design my own Topgrading Interview process?

How to Prepare for a Topgrading Interview and Sample Questions

  • As a candidate, how should I prepare for a Topgrading Interview?
  • Sample Topgrading Interview Questions
  • Conclusion
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