Tuesday 20 December 2022

How to Evaluate Sales Professionals

How to assess salespeople in a logical and unbiased Manner

Evaluating candidates at an interview is a crucial management skill. After meeting a shortlist of well-prepared, well-presented sales candidates, how do you ensure that you make the best possible recruitment decisions? 

Staff turnover is an enormous cost to any bus
iness. According to CIPD research, over half of hiring decisions are taken for reasons that cannot be tangibly explained.  This is usually a ‘gut feeling’; while important, you must ensure that you have a process to remove all bias from your decisions.

Aaron Wallis has produced a short guide with links to further authoritative information to help you create a more robust recruitment process.  It enables you to identify a successful sales professional’s essential skills and traits in an improved logical way and offers advice on evaluating a candidate’s qualifications effectively.

The guide also covers critical topics such as creating a recruitment plan and assessing cultural fit and has links to proven methods such as topgrading and competency-based interviews.

By utilising our guide, employers can create a recruitment plan, make better, more informed decisions, and assess cultural fit.

Our guide provides sales employers with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure they make the best possible decisions every time they hire.

Click this link to find out more: https://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/employers/advice/recruitment-planning/how-to-evaluate-sales-professionals/

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