Wednesday 21 December 2022

How to Prepare a 90 Day Business Plan Presentation

Second Interview tasks can seem daunting, and the most commonly requested presentation title that we encounter is something like:

‘Given a ‘blank sheet of paper’, what would you do in the first three months/90 days?’ 

In this article, we have provided extensive advice and resources to help you create a 90-day business plan presentation, including ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and an example of what to include.

The article explains the importance of creating a plan that is achievable, measurable, and realistic. It outlines the steps to creating a plan, such as researching the company, identifying its goals, and understanding their current situation.

It also provides tips on presenting the plan effectively, such as using visuals, staying organised, and being prepared to answer questions.

Finally, the article suggests ways to leave a lasting impression, such as staying confident, professional and following up afterward. We also provide guidance on how to structure your presentation and deliver it confidently.  

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